Here Are The Wisconsin Election Roundup, Highlights from Presidential Primary, Referendums, and Mayoral Races

Here Are The Wisconsin Election Roundup, Highlights from Presidential Primary, Referendums, and Mayoral Races

Milwaukee — Wisconsin voters voted on several important issues and races in a crucial election for local government and education.

With 85,516 votes cast, the city of Milwaukee saw a 31.64% voter participation.

The results included mayoral contests and primary presidential elections in addition to a substantial financial referendum that benefited Milwaukee Public Schools.

A quick overview of the state’s positions on election integrity, local leadership, and education financing may be found in the outcomes of several referenda and municipal elections.

Joe Biden and Donald TrumpAlert signs for the presidential campaigns of Biden and Trump following Tuesday’s contest.

Presidential primary Although both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are their parties’ presumed nominees, thousands of voters choose alternative candidates in Wisconsin’s party primaries on Tuesday.

Here Are The Wisconsin Election Roundup, Highlights from Presidential Primary, Referendums, and Mayoral Races (1)

With 89% of the vote, Biden prevailed. With 79% of the vote, Trump prevailed, while Nikki Haley, who withdrew from the contest, received 13% of the Wisconsin vote.

$252 million for enhancements to MPS Education

A $252 million referendum for Milwaukee Public Schools was narrowly approved by voters, with 51% voting in favor and 49% voting against. There is a difference of less than 2,000 votes in this judgment.

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The state’s largest school district, MPS, said that the budget increase was necessary to improve educational programs and to draw and keep talented instructors.

Results of Referendums in Southeast Wisconsin

There were referendum votes in other school districts in Southeast Wisconsin as well.

–  A proposal seeking over $100 million for the construction of a new middle school and district-wide upgrades was turned down by Mukwonago voters.
– A $28.5 million referendum for upkeep and construction was supported by Pewaukee.
Hamilton (County of Waukesha) granted two petitions totaling over $32 million.
– Greendale approved $2.5 million per year to cover maintenance and operating expenses.
– For five years, South Milwaukee residents approved $2 million annually.
$11.1 million was granted by Grafton to upgrade John Long Middle School.

Aldermanic and mayoral races

Mayor Cavalier Johnson of Milwaukee is still in office after receiving over 64,500 votes, or 82% of the total, to overcome opponent David King.

Here Are The Wisconsin Election Roundup, Highlights from Presidential Primary, Referendums, and Mayoral Races (2)

In 2022, Johnson was initially elected to complete the tenure of former Mayor Tom Barrett.

Three open seats were hotly contested, and all fifteen Milwaukee aldermanic districts were up for grabs. Notable victories consist of:

– Khalif Rainey’s seat in District 7 is occupied by Deandre Jackson.
– Mark Borkowski’s seat in District 11 is held by Peter Burgelis.
– Sharlen Moore, who is represented by longtime alderman Mike Murphy in District 10.

Murphy, Borkowski, and Rainey made the decision not to seek reelection. Every other current council member was elected again.

Milwaukee City Attorney fired

Former city attorney Tearman Spencer was defeated by state representative Evan Goyke. Since winning the 2020 race for city attorney, Spencer has been involved in controversy.

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A poisonous work atmosphere and charges of sexual harassment caused about twenty of his employees to resign. Spencer refuted all allegations of misconduct in a recent interview with 12 News’ Gerron Jordan.

Referenda on Public Safety

Voters in the counties of Ozaukee and Washington supported raising local funding for police, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency responders:

– The Town and City of Cedarburg
– Grafton Town and Village
– The Saukville Town
-Village of Germantown, City of Port Washington
-Results of the Kenosha Mayor and Council
-David Bogdala defeated Lydia Spottswood in the Kenosha mayoral race by a margin of almost five percentage points.

Three new members of the city’s Common Council will also be present:

– Jackson DeAndre in District 7
– Peter Burgelis in Area Eleven
– District 10’s Sharlen Moore will be replacing the aldermen who chose not to run for reelection.

State Election Referendum

Wisconsin voters answered “yes” to two state-level questions about the financing and administration of elections:

A referendum that forbade accepting grants from private organizations to help with election administration was adopted by voters.
Making sure that only individuals authorized by law can oversee elections is another.

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