Houston County Authorities Report BUSINESS MAN's SUICIDE Linked to Harassment Charges

Houston County Authorities Report BUSINESS MAN’s SUICIDE Linked to Harassment Charges

The Houston County District Attorney’s Office has reported that a businessman from Dothan recently took his own life after learning that he was going to be arrested on accusations that he allegedly wrote sexually explicit letters to a woman.

The County of Houston WDHN was informed by Russ Goodman that Sam Robinson, the proprietor of Dixie Fence Company, has passed away as a result of a gunshot wound that he took upon himself at his place of business on May 22.

Since Robinson was accused of sending “vulgar” letters to a woman beginning in October 2023, the Dallas Police Department (DPD) secured 14 arrest warrants for Robinson soon before his death, according to Goodman. These warrants were issued on accusations of harassing communications related to Robinson. There is no information available on her identity.

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Even though the letters were signed “The Red Right Hand” and had bogus return addresses, according to Goodman, they contained information that Robinson had seen the victim from a distance and made some sexually explicit comments. However, the letters did not contain any threats of harm directed toward the victim. A total of fourteen letters were delivered to the individual who was the victim.

An individual charge is represented by each letter, according to Goodman.

The Dothan Police Department went ahead and opened an investigation after receiving a report from the victim.

According to Goodman, investigators identified Robinson as a suspect when a doorbell camera belonging to a neighbor captured footage of his pickup moving through the street.

According to the District Attorney, his office was made aware of the situation and suggested that the investigation be conducted to file misdemeanor charges against Robinson.

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