Tragic Attack! ELDERLY MAN KILLED by Neighbor's DOGS in Lawrence County

Tragic Attack! ELDERLY MAN KILLED by Neighbor’s DOGS in Lawrence County

Authorities claim that two dogs attacked a guy Sunday; he is dead.

According to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to 48 News, two dogs thought to be pit bulls attacked Willard Norton, 83-year-old, Sunday at approximately 3:30 p.m.

When deputies got to the scene, they claim Norton was found unconscious close to his front door. He was brought to a nearby hospital where his wounds claimed him.

Animal control apparently picked up the canines for the Lawrence County Animal Shelter. Lawrence County coroner Scott Norwood informed 48 News he thinks Norton’s neighbor owns the pets. According to the family member I spoke with, his grandfather Willard Norton was among the finest persons he knew.

Norton’s family said he adored his garden as it was like his baby and was known as the watermelon man selling watermelons in Town Creek.

Now, his family claims they have no idea what they are going to do, but they have had multiple problems with these dogs in the past just prowling about.

Although deputies claim they have gotten multiple calls from that location, they have not found any formal documentation about it. Director of the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter Cheryl Jones claims she does not think Lawrence County has any actual animal control agents from the shelter here or confinement rules in place in the county jurisdiction.

She claims those two things are absolutely necessary for the county. She claims they deal with violent dogs in Lauderdale County who kill and damage cattle all the time, but she has animal control officials who go and pick them up upon calls. She said that this year her county has witnessed more hostile dogs.

“It has to happen in the county since everyone has always said ‘well I live in the county, so I don’t have to keep my animals contained,’ but it’s just not safe to do anymore,” Jones said. “And considering the several problems we have seen lately, it is not the responsible thing to do.”

She advises county residents to make sure their animals are kept on their land using either a real or an electric fence.

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