Jackson Health Foundation Introduces 'One Day for Jackson' Donation Drive

Jackson Health Foundation Introduces ‘One Day for Jackson’ Donation Drive

Debarylife – “One Day for Jackson,” a fundraising initiative aimed at bolstering Jackson, Miami-Dade County’s public health system, was recently announced by the Jackson Health Foundation.

The online fundraising event is scheduled for April 4. Jackson Health Foundation co-president and chief development officer Flavia Llizo, president and CEO Carlos A. Migoya, and foundation chair David A. Coulson invited supporters, dignitaries, community organizations, media, advocates, and Jackson employees to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The One Day for Jackson logo was unveiled with the assistance of the mascots of several local sports teams, thanks to the strong community support the Foundation has received for this initiative.

The community will be greatly impacted by One Day for Jackson. All proceeds will be used to support Jackson’s cutting-edge facilities, cutting-edge technology, and cutting-edge treatments. To give patients recovering from trauma, hope for treatment for paralysis, and much more, Jackson Health Foundation is asking for the community’s support.

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Appreciative patients related their miracle stories and how Jackson saved their lives during the press conference.

Among the patients was Erika Rolle, EdD, PA, who had received a heart transplant.

Dr. Erika Rolle, EdD, PA was identified as having cardiomyopathy in 2006; this illness causes the heart muscle to expand and weaken, which frequently results in heart failure. Despite continuing to work, the Miami-Dade County school administrator—who also happens to be a real estate agent—saw a worsening of her illness.

She experienced a stroke, a series of mini-strokes, and a pacemaker implantation to bring her cardiac rhythms back into sync. Rolle received a congestive heart failure diagnosis in 2011, and while she awaited a heart transplant, medical professionals installed a left ventricular assist device (LVAD).

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At Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Miami Transplant Institute, Rolle had a successful heart transplant in 2015. She will always be grateful to the group of miracle workers who saved her life as well as her donor.

Erika’s plea to the press conference participants made it clear why she and Jackson are a unit. “Jackson made me feel like family,” remembers Erika. I didn’t have to worry about anything during my process since Jackson made it feasible for me to have and maintain that hope.
At 25 weeks, Joseph Patrick Fusco was delivered prematurely.

In response to an old promise made by Katrina Wegmann to Patricia when they were children, Patricia’s best friend Katrina stepped in as her surrogate, helping Patricia and Andrew Fusco overcome their infertility.

Pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure were among the difficulties Wegmann faced during her pregnancy, and her son Joseph Patrick, also known as JP, was born at 25 weeks ahead of schedule. For 123 days, the NICU staff at Holtz Children’s Hospital took care of him.

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JP is an inquisitive, self-reliant toddler these days who enjoys nothing more than making people laugh and smile. His parents are still incredibly appreciative of the Holtz Children’s Team for all of their help and support throughout JP’s journey.

“As a Jackson employee, I have heard countless, hundreds of miracles; never in my life did I think we would be a miracle story,” Patricia said during the press conference.

Sulamyn Diaz is a patient undergoing bariatric surgery and a double amputee.

Following a catastrophic accident that resulted in the loss of both legs, Sulamyn Diaz struggled with despair and weight gain.

After talking to her healthcare physician about her weight reduction struggles, he suggested that she schedule an appointment with Jackson West Medical Center’s bariatric surgeon, Irving Miranda, MD. Dr. Miranda and Diaz bonded over Diaz’s fortitude in the face of hardship at their first appointment.

Diaz has found her zest for life and shed 48 pounds thanks to gastric sleeve surgery, the help of Dr. Miranda, and the amazing care team. After achieving her objective of being able to walk on prosthetics once more, she followed her love and became a qualified esthetician and happy spa owner.

For this second chance at life, Diaz is appreciative of her Jackson West bariatric surgery team.
Recounting her heartwarming story, Sulamyn said, “The Jackson care team changed my life.” I am strong now, and Jackson has nearly solely to thank for that. I am unable to express how grateful I am to Jackson in words.

The chief development officer and co-president of the Jackson Health Foundation, Flavia Llizo, underlined, “One Day for Jackson has the potential to significantly impact our health care’s future. Jackson is always there when lives are at stake, and we’re hoping that on April 4, the community will unite and stand with us.

The Miami Heat, Marlins, Miami-Dade County, City of Miami, University of Miami, and West Coast University were especially acknowledged for their dedication to supporting and spreading awareness of One Day for Jackson.

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