Kendall's WOW Center Receives Recognition from Miami-Dade County School Board

Kendall’s WOW Center Receives Recognition from Miami-Dade County School Board

Debarylife – The WOW Center was recognized by board vice chair Monica Colucci during the March 13 Miami-Dade County School Board meeting when she presented agenda item B-4.

The goal of the Kendall Adult Day Training (ADT) Center, the WOW Center, is to give community-dwelling adults with developmental disabilities access to opportunities and resources.

These programs were unavailable 51 years ago. Adults with developmental disabilities had few alternatives for further education and community involvement after high school. The WOW Center is the product of the perseverance and hard work of a few concerned parents who banded together to address the needs and bridge the gap for their elderly disabled children.

The WOW Center was established in 1972 and has since expanded its offerings in terms of services, activities, and programs. As a result, it has gained recognition throughout the state of Florida for being at the forefront of developing creative programs that include people with developmental disabilities and giving them meaningful opportunities.

Kendall's WOW Center Receives Recognition from Miami-Dade County School Board (1)

The WOW Center provides assistance and services to about 200 persons with developmental impairments in Miami-Dade County, ranging in age from 21 to 83.

Plans of support that are tailored to the individual needs and objectives of the adults are provided. The WOW Center achieves this by emphasizing development, strength, movement, and gross/fine motor abilities.

The Wow Center aims to prevent sadness and social isolation in addition to promoting mental awareness and conversational abilities.

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A wide variety of social and recreational activities, including athletics, music therapy, community outings, and art workshops, are available at the WOW Center. These exercises encourage communication with others, involvement in the community, and self-expression.

The ADT model utilized by the WOW Center has been deemed an exceptional model by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities in Florida. The WOW Center can provide families with education, resources, and support services because of its “above and beyond” approach, which incorporates the social services team.

This approach gives families the tools they need to advocate for their loved ones and deal with the difficulties brought on by developmental disabilities.

The work of the WOW Center gives adults with developmental disabilities more authority. The WOW Center is committed to creating a more inclusive Miami through partnerships with businesses and organizations, job opportunities, training, and community events. Its multifaceted community effort aims to make inclusion visible, tangible, and transformative for those it serves.

“All I can say is WOW, and I exclaimed it while I was there as well because there is so much love emanating from everyone there—from the clients to the staff members that serve them.

Vice Chair Colucci remarked, “I genuinely can tell that I left there with the largest smile on my face. “I am incredibly happy that there is a group of people in our community who are fighting for the rights of people with developmental disabilities and improving their quality of life daily.”

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