Jacksonville Pair Accused of Threatening Mall Employees and Assaulting Officer

Jacksonville Pair Accused of Threatening Mall Employees and Assaulting Officer

GAINESVILLE, Florida – Jordan Bernard Johnson, 31, and Maria Anissa Eduvigis Porter, 26, both of Jacksonville, were detained yesterday after Jordan allegedly intimidated mall staff and Porter struck an officer while slamming a door open to avoid her.

At 12:29 p.m. yesterday, a housekeeping employee at the Oaks Mall noticed Johnson and Porter acting strangely in the food court area. After Porter walked into the nursing room and Johnson went into the family restroom, the employee inquired if they were all right. Jordan allegedly threatened to “pop” her and aimed his palm at her in the shape of a rifle. The employee alerted mall security, and when an officer came, he identified them as suspects who had recently threatened to “shoot up the mall/employees.”

When the security officer approached Jordan, Jordan allegedly threatened to “pop” him as well, forming the shape of a gun with his palm. Johnson and Porter began to depart the mall, Jordan reaching inside his waistline and into a bag he was carrying. The mall’s Director of Security came and followed the pair in his vehicle, calling 911 and providing location updates.

A Gainesville Police Department officer responded and observed the couple crossing Newberry Road northbound into the parking lot of a gas station. The officer told them to halt, but they allegedly shouted at him and refused to stop claiming they had done nothing illegal.

The police followed the couple into the business, where they approached the counter. The officer instructed the clerk not to serve them until she could speak with them, and they allegedly attempted to leave the business. The officer placed her arms across the doors and stated that she needed to speak with them, but they allegedly screamed and cursed at her, and Porter reached under her arm and slammed it open, catching the officer’s hand in the paddle on the door.

The two allegedly continued walking down Newberry Road, refusing calls to stop until backup came. Porter was apprehended without incident, while Jordan apparently resisted being handcuffed.

Following Miranda, Johnson rejected the charges, claiming the victims were lying because he is black and has braids.

Following Miranda, Porter rejected the charges.

Johnson has been charged with threatening to use violence and resisting an officer without violence. His whole criminal history is unavailable, but he received one state jail sentence before being released in 2013. Judge Meshon Rawls placed the bond at $25,000.

Porter faces charges of battery on an officer and resisting an officer without violence. She has no local criminal record. Judge Rawls placed the bond at $2,500.

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