Arrest Made in Murder Case with Help of AI-Enhanced Camera System, This Is The Problem-Solvers!

Arrest Made In Murder Case With Help Of AI-Enhanced Camera System, This Is The Problem-Solvers!

Gray News, Blue Springs, Missouri – Authorities in Blue Springs, Missouri, say artificial intelligence assisted them in locating a possible culprit in a double homicide shooting.

Charge sheets state that authorities located a car that was purportedly engaged in the shooting and tracked down a suspect using an AI-equipped camera system from Atlanta-based Flock Safety.

Like license plate scanners, the Flock cameras are placed at busy junctions and popular locations like parks. There are roughly twenty-one of them working for the Blue Springs Police Department.

Marquis Earl Lee Savannah was taken into custody according to a first-degree murder warrant concerning. A warrant for the first-degree murder of a 19- and 20-year-old male led to the arrest of Marquis Earl Lee Savannah, Police Department of Blue Springs Said.

A warrant for the first-degree murder of Marquis Earl-Lee Savannah was obtained on Wednesday. A four-page probable cause statement that described the shooting that occurred at Wilbur Young Park on April 13 just after 10:30 p.m. was included with the charges that were filed prior to his arrest.

Arrest Made in Murder Case with Help of AI-Enhanced Camera System, This Is The Problem-Solvers! (1)

Authorities say that the shooting started as a fistfight. At least 28 gunshot casings were discovered at the location, and police concluded that at least three persons fired shots. Authorities say that two persons were killed and three others were hit.

The city-owned cameras were the first set of cameras that provided useful information for the investigation. Police were able to ascertain the sequence of events thanks to the cameras. Additionally, it featured the car that Savannah is said to have gotten into immediately following the incident. Although the camera did not catch a license plate, it provided law enforcement with a clear description.

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Because the Flock cameras don’t need a license plate number to look for hits, they were able to provide more assistance.

Blue Springs Investigations Captain Kyle Flowers added, “We can also search by make, model, and other characteristics.” “If there is a roof rack on it. For example, bumper stickers. It recognizes certain car attributes using artificial intelligence technology.

The passing cars are captured by the cameras, which subsequently apply those descriptors to the images. Once the descriptors have been entered, investigators can filter their search by time and place to obtain images of each matching car. After that, a human analyst looks over the pictures to get a more exact match with a plate number. From there, they can equip that car with an alert so that when it is noticed, they will receive a ping.

In this instance, it is precisely what transpired.

Court records state that a sergeant recognized the sedan shown on the park video as belonging to a particular color, year, make, and model with a particular license plate using the Flock camera system. A further sergeant “received a Flock hit on the Chevy Cruz” two days later.

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After searching the area, the patrol sergeant found it at a nearby car wash and arrested the driver.

According to Flowers, the department has possessed the network for approximately a year.

It’s quite beneficial. We utilize it all the time while we’re conducting research,” Flowers added.

Using a hot spot map that displays the locations where a vehicle is most commonly seen, investigators can also track a car back in time for up to 30 days. According to the authorities, this can be utilized to find the possible residence of a suspect.

The network of partner agencies is spread across the entire country.

The Blue Springs Police Department made it apparent that they do not make use of technology.

Flowers clarified, “It’s only an investigative tool.” This isn’t real-time observation. This is not for tickets for running red lights or traffic infractions. We need a valid investigative reason before searching for a car because they take photos that are kept for 30 days.

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