Kari Lake Set to Make Waves at Mar-a-Lago, Potential Record Breaker

Kari Lake Set to Make Waves at Mar-a-Lago, Potential Record Breaker

Debarylife – Reports indicate that on Wednesday night, Arizona Republican Kari Lake is anticipated to smash the record for Mar-a-Lago fundraising.

In addition to Democratic opponent Representative Ruben Gallego, Lake, a U.S. Senate candidate endorsed by Donald Trump, is running against independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema. Sinema declared last month that she would not run for office again.

Reese Gorman, the Daily Beast’s politics correspondent, posted on X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday, stating, “Kari Lake’s Mar-a-Lago fundraiser is at capacity, according to a source familiar.”

“It is anticipated to smash the record for the highest amount of money raised at Mar-a-Lago for a Senate GOP challenger,” he went on. For Senate Republicans this cycle, Arizona is considered a prime pick-up potential.”

Gorman’s Newsweek account was verified by Lake’s team.

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At the time of publication, the fundraiser for Lake had raised somewhat more than $1 million, according to two campaign officials who spoke with ABC News. The event costs $1,000 per participant, with certain packages costing up to $100,000 per couple. These packages include supper with Lake after the reception and a two-night stay at Mar-a-Lago.

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Jason Miller, a senior advisor to former President Trump’s 2024 campaign, shared Gorman’s tweet on X.

On Wednesday, Newsweek emailed the campaigns of Lake and Gallego as well as the spokesperson for President Trump to request comment.

The property in Palm Beach, Florida, where Lake’s Wednesday night fundraiser will be hosted is owned by Trump, the likely Republican presidential contender in 2024. Comedians Roseanne Barr, Jim Breuer, and Chad Prather will perform at the event.

Lake is a fervent admirer of President Trump, parroting his assertions—which lack supporting data—that massive voter fraud cost him the 2020 election and gave President Joe Biden the victory.

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In addition, the Republican asserted that she was the victim of election fraud in Arizona in 2022. By more than 17,000 votes, Lake was defeated by Democrat Katie Hobbs. There’s no proof to back up Lake’s assertions.

Republican Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer has filed a slander lawsuit against Lake due to her allegations of having a stolen election. Because of Lake’s accusations, Richer claimed he had experienced “violent vitriol and other dire consequences,” including threats to his life.

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Lake asked a judge to move the case forward to the damages phase last month, declining to defend herself against the claim.

In a video shared on social media at the time, Lake stated, “By participating in this lawsuit, it would only serve to legitimize this perversion of our legal system and allow bad actors to interfere in our upcoming election.” “So I won’t be taking part.”

In an X post from last month, Gallego labeled Lake as “an election denier and conspiracy theorist.” At a gathering last month, Lake called Gallego a “mini-me Joe Biden” and made comparisons to the president.

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