Lakota Teen's Brain Injury Deemed 'Not Survivable' Following Car Accident, Family Says

Lakota Teen’s Brain Injury Deemed ‘Not Survivable’ Following Car Accident, Family Says

Liberty Township, Ohio – The teenager, who was struck by a car last Wednesday and is a ninth-grader from Lakota, has a brain injury that his family says is “not survivable.”

Since being hit by a car last week outside the Lakota East Freshman campus, Aspen Runnels has been receiving care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Runnels’s organs will be donated in an attempt to save the lives of others, therefore the family stated it will take a few days for him to be officially certified brain dead.

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Tuesday morning, Lakota bus drivers showed their support for Runnels by donning purple under their safety vests.

Lakota Teen's Brain Injury Deemed 'Not Survivable' Following Car Accident, Family Says (1)

Runnels was using a designated crosswalk in front of Lakota East Freshman School last week when authorities claimed a vehicle, age 26, neglected to yield.

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The woman told police, “she was looking away from the roadway to adjust her baby’s pacifier” when she hit Runnels, according to a recently published collision report.”

In the 20 mph school zone at the time, investigators assessed that she was traveling at thirty miles per hour. Before this, the sheriff’s office stated that the driver was assisting with the continuing investigation.

The Lakota East Freshman Campus is located on busy Bethany Road, and following the event, several parents voiced concerns about safety and speeding.

According to school administrators, there will be more people present at the Lakota East Freshman campus during arrival and dismissal throughout the academic year.

To evaluate safety precautions beyond that, the school is currently collaborating with Liberty Township and the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

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