Pocomoke Police Arrest Man for Assault and Unlawful Possession of Firearm

Pocomoke Police Arrest Man for Assault and Unlawful Possession of Firearm

POCOMOKE, Maryland – A loaded gun that the man was pointing at many individuals in Pocomoke led to his arrest.

Police said they were called for an assault and disturbance in the 600 block of Bank Street. After the encounter, the individual, later identified as Andre Jerome Hickman, was discovered carrying a loaded gun.

He is accused of first- and second-degree assault. in addition to using a gun while committing a crime.

In a recent incident in Pocomoke, Maryland, police officers arrested a guy on suspicion of assault and weapons possession. The event has sparked worries in the neighborhood and brought attention to the continuous efforts made by local law enforcement to ensure public safety.

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The Pocomoke Police Department reported that the arrest was the result of an altercation that took place nearby.

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At the time of writing, the suspect—whose identity has not been made public—was allegedly involved in a physical incident that led to allegations of assault. Authorities also found the person to have a handgun upon apprehension, which resulted in further charges for unlawful firearm possession.

Law enforcement’s prompt action demonstrates their dedication to protecting the security and safety of Pocomoke communities. Authorities take assault and illegal gun possession incidents very seriously because they present substantial hazards to public safety.

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The arrest serves as a reminder of the value of community collaboration and proactive enforcement in the fight against crime. It is strongly advised that citizens notify law enforcement of any suspicious or illegal conduct as soon as possible since this information can be very helpful in averting incidents and catching offenders.

Even though it’s still unclear what exactly went wrong and why, the arrest serves as a reminder that community-wide initiatives to address issues of violence and illicit firearms are still necessary.

Residents have been reassured by the Pocomoke Police Department that they will fully investigate the incident and prosecute those involved to the fullest extent of the law. Additionally, continuing community outreach and engagement initiatives are being used to try and stop such instances from happening in the future.

While the legal process progresses, the community stays watchful, uniting against criminal activity and collaborating with law enforcement to ensure the security and welfare of every inhabitant.

The Pocomoke resident’s arrest for assault and weapons possession serves as a reminder of the difficulties local governments have in preventing violence. On the other hand, steps can be taken to make the environment safer and more secure for everyone by working together with law enforcement and locals.

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