Sleeping Suspect Snared by Colma Police, Multiple Warrants Await in San Mateo

Sleeping Suspect Snared by Colma Police, Multiple Warrants Await in San Mateo

A routine check by the Colma Police Department resulted in a felony arrest early Tuesday morning, May 7, when officers on patrol saw something unusual at a nearby retail center.

Among the silent businesses, a white Forest River camper parked on the 200 block of Colma Boulevard grabbed the attention of police authorities. A routine DMV inspection of the vehicle records quickly revealed that the motorhome was not just out of place. It got out of hand and was reported stolen by the Concord Police Department.

Officers decided to thoroughly check the vehicle at around 4:13 a.m. and discovered a male dozing at the kitchen table inside the mobile home. The nameless individual was quickly apprehended, with no explanation for the altercation. Initially, the individual sought to hide his genuine identity by providing officers with bogus information. However, as morning began to break on the scene, the man’s true identity was revealed following a comprehensive dispatchers check. It found out that he was not unknown in the eyes of the law.

The man was identified as Douglas Edwards, a 51-year-old with no reported address. Edwards’ identity became entangled in the web of justice, along with a $50,000 felony warrant, a $20,000 felony warrant, and a $2,500 misdemeanour warrant issued by authorities outside of Colma’s authority. His most recent felony convictions include possession of a stolen car, vehicle theft without the owner’s consent, and supplying fake identification to a peace officer.

With warrants out for his arrest, Edwards was taken into the San Mateo County Jail. Meanwhile, the stolen RV was towed from the location where it had been incorrectly parked, according to a Facebook post by the Colma Police Department.

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