Top 5 Brand Ambassadors of Nike Who Live in India

Top 5 Brand Ambassadors of Nike Who Live in India

Debarylife – The well-known sportswear behemoth Nike is present in every country in the world, including India.

The company has partnered with several athletes and celebrities in recent years to promote athleticism, innovation, and empowerment through their roles as brand ambassadors.

Top 5 Brand Ambassadors of Nike

The top five Nike brand ambassadors who live in India are as follows:

1. Virat Kohli

One of the most well-known cricket players in India, Virat Kohli is well-known for both his partnership with Nike and his extraordinary on-field abilities.

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Because of his relationship with the company, Kohli has had the opportunity to represent Nike in several advertisements, highlighting his commitment to excellence, performance, and fitness.

2. Mary Kom

Mary Kom, a six-time world champion and trailblazer in Indian boxing, hails from Manipur.

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Her collaboration with Nike serves as a testament to her experiences breaking down boundaries as a female athlete and encouraging people to follow their passions without fear.

3. PV Sindhu

PV Sindhu, a rising badminton sensation, has garnered attention on the global scene with her outstanding accomplishments, which include her silver medal from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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Through her partnership with Nike, Sindhu is demonstrating her dedication to breaking down barriers and uplifting future athletes in India.

4. Hima Das

Indian sprinter Hima Das also referred to as the “Dhing Express,” has captured the attention of the country with her quickness and tenacity.

As a representative of the Nike brand, Das personifies tenacity and fortitude, encouraging ambitious athletes to pursue their objectives with unwavering determination.

5. Neeraj Chopra

India’s top javelin thrower, Neeraj Chopra, created history by being the first track and field athlete from his nation to win an Olympic gold medal.

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His collaboration with Nike highlights his commitment to practice, competition, and ongoing development, encouraging a new wave of athletes to pursue excellence.


These five brand ambassadors are a representation of the skill, enthusiasm, and variety seen in Indian sports. In addition to showcasing their accomplishments, their partnership with Nike upholds the company’s dedication to helping athletes and advancing the nation’s fitness and excellence culture.

Millions of young Indian sportsmen look up to these ambassadors as role models and sources of inspiration as they continue to perform well on the international front.

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