TRIPLE Attack! Man Targeted In Midtown Pellet Gun Shooting Among Three Similar Attacks In NYC

TRIPLE Attack! Man Targeted In Midtown Pellet Gun Shooting Among Three Similar Attacks In NYC

DEBARYLIFE – After being shot in the wrist on Monday in Manhattan with a Gel Blaster pellet gun, the pedestrian expressed regret to The Post, saying, “You never know in this crazy town,” and that he thought the incident was random.

According to police, this was one of three similar attacks that had occurred in the city in the preceding hours. Another man had been hit in the back while strolling through Midtown during the morning rush hour.

After being struck in the wrist while strolling around the Lower East Side, Allen Stern, 62, remarked, “This is the kind of thing where I could have easily been killed—if that shoots me in the head or some weird place, who knows?”

Stern, a local, stated that at around 7:30 a.m., he had just left his house for morning prayer at a nearby synagogue.

TRIPLE Attack! Man Targeted In Midtown Pellet Gun Shooting Among Three Similar Attacks In NYC (1)

As he and his three buddies walked passed two young-looking individuals about a street away from the building, Stern said he thinks it was a random strike.

Stern remarked, “We were walking as usual; it’s a lovely morning, and we’re all talking.” “And then these guys suddenly appear in the neighborhood with the [Gel Blaster]… They said nothing but remained silent.

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The suspects fired at least two shots silently, one of which hit Stern in the wrist.

Stern declared, “I still have the mark; the pellet made a perfect circle.”

According to police, the two fled north on Clinton Street.

“In this crazy town, you never know,” Stern remarked. Individuals have nothing to do. What do they want to gain from this situation? I’m not sure.

He went on, “Maybe they were high on s–t, and maybe they get their kicks out of it.” “All I can hope is that they reconsider before causing harm. Take a positive action. The children need to hear that.

According to police, there is no known reason for this attack or the two other identical ones that happened last night.

If the incidents seem connected, the police have not stated anything.

A 47-year-old man in Manhattan felt something hit him from behind when he was strolling south on Fifth Avenue close to 35th Street, approximately 45 minutes after Stern was attacked, according to police.

According to the police, he was also shot with a Gel Blaster pellet gun, although it happened in the rear this time.

Three suspects on bikes were approached by the man, and a brawl broke out, according to the police.

According to police, the suspects ultimately kicked and punched the victim before getting on their motorcycles and riding off north on Fifth Avenue.

The third incident occurred Monday night in The Bronx. While inspecting the tires on his vehicle on Valentine Avenue, a 51-year-old MTA fee-collecting worker who was on duty was shot in the back and elbow with a BB pistol, according to police.

The man suffered minor injuries from the 11 p.m. attack, and his driver’s side glass was broken by a metal bullet that missed its target.

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