Trump and Desantis Meet in Miami for the First Time Since the Fl Governor Quit the GOP Primary

Trump and Desantis Meet in Miami for the First Time Since the FL Governor Quit the GOP Primary

During their meeting on Sunday in Miami, former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly spent many hours together, according to a source close to Trump.

The meeting, which was their first interaction since DeSantis withdrew from the Republican primary in January, was planned by Steve Witkoff, a longtime friend of Trump’s and a luxury real estate developer. According to the source, DeSantis requested that the meeting take place. It was The Washington Post that initially reported on the matter.

According to a source who is aware of the situation, John DeSantis agreed to have breakfast with Donald Trump while he was playing golf at the Shell Bay Club.

Following a copy of the invitation that CNN was able to acquire, Witkoff will be throwing a fundraiser for Trump in Miami on the following Sunday. DeSantis informed donors and supporters that he would assist in fundraising for Trump during an appreciation retreat earlier this month, according to two sources who are aware of the circumstances of the situation, as reported by CNN.

DeSantis endorsed Trump in the Republican primary after his unsuccessful quest for the White House; however, he has not been seen at any campaign events with the presumed nominee of the Republican Party after receiving his endorsement. As reported by CNN in February, DeSantis has made a concerted effort to maintain contact with the individuals who supported his presidential campaign. These individuals include contributors and leaders in the states that were early in the nomination process. DeSantis is considering a candidacy for the presidency in 2028.

In a private talk with supporters at the time, he reportedly stated, “I haven’t ruled anything out,” as reported by numerous sources that analyzed a recording that had been released and confirmed to CNN by three persons who listened to the call. While on the same call, he also stated that he has no intention of running for vice president in the future.

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