Fraud! Son's Alleged Financial Deception of 95-Year-Old Mother Sparks Legal Action in Miami-Dade

Fraud! Son’s Alleged Financial Deception of 95-Year-Old Mother Sparks Legal Action in Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade County, Florida: Following allegations by Miami-Dade police that he took advantage of his 95-year-old mother financially, a 72-year-old man is being charged with four felonies. The alleged abuse involved thousands of dollars.

When it was discovered that the victim was on the verge of being forced out of her house and that a writ of possession had even been served, a Miami-Dade judge referred to the circumstances as “terrible and egregious” while the case was on Thursday.

According to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, investigators discovered that the widow paid all of her expenses up until her son—whom the police identified as Manuel Diaz Hernandez—got access to her bank account and stole approximately $57,000.

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The State Attorney’s Office released a statement that stated, “The woman, who now lived alone in the rented apartment, was self-sufficient, independent, and ambulatory, performing her normal activities of daily living.” “She managed her finances without assistance, even though she needed a walker to walk around.”

Fraud! Son's Alleged Financial Deception of 95-Year-Old Mother Sparks Legal Action in Miami-Dade (1)

At that point, authorities claim, Diaz Hernandez “showed interest in her,” convinced her to grant him access to her bank account since he was a “blood relative,” and stole the entire amount between March and August.

“When a son, daughter, or other family member views an aging relative as a target to be exploited, it is always unbearably painful. In a statement, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said, “Too many of our elderly residents are susceptible to exploitation.”

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The State Attorney’s Office claims that the costs were incurred mostly on small-scale purchases including clothes, jewelry, and dining out.

According to investigators, the victim was “left with nothing,” unable to make rent payments, and eventually faced eviction; however, the SAO has since given her suitable lodging.

On Wednesday, a lady purporting to be Díaz Hernandez’s daughter declared her father’s innocence and said the purported victim is not mentally stable.

Díaz Hernandez was warned by the judge that he would be arrested again and held in custody until his trial if he made contact with the victim, which would be a violation of the stay-away order.

Fernandez Rundle stated that the Miami-Dade County section handling these crimes has filed over 75 cases and identified hundreds of prospective victims. Call the Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-962-2873 to report an instance of elder exploitation.

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